Hawaii – The Ideal Environment for SUP Yoga

Hawaii – The Perfect SUP Yoga Location

Yoga takes us away from the stresses of everyday life and unifies the mind, body and spirit. For those looking for a little more of a challenge, stand up paddleboard (SUP) Yoga is a great alternative that continues to grow in popularity. This form of yoga strengthens your core, increases concentration and allows a deeper connection with nature. What better place to try it out than the Hawaiian Islands? The sea breeze, salty air and sunny skies all come together to provide an ideal environment to practice SUP Yoga. Grab a board and head to the ocean and discover a new way to get your yoga fix. Here are a few reasons to visit Hawaii and try SUP Yoga:


A peaceful environment is conducive to relaxation, and Hawaii is not short on beautiful beaches and harbors to practice SUP Yoga. If you are on Oahu; then Ala Moana, Pops and Pua’ena Point Beach Park are ideal for SUP Yoga. Each location offers a different challenge to suit both beginners and advanced yogis. Hawaii is also known for its incredible sunsets, so it’s worth taking part in a sunset yoga class at least once. If you’re on Maui and prefer to practice alone, there are plenty of places to rent SUP boards and you’re sure to find calm waters nearby.



SUP Yoga is a balancing act that requires deep concentration and thought. Staying upright on your board as you float on top of the water is easier than you might think, especially in the calm waters of the northern and western sides of Maui. SUP Yoga will improve your balance by encouraging you to focus on your every movement, helping you to become more balanced both spiritually and mentally. Here are 12 yoga poses you might like to try during your next session.


Nature Abounds

Practicing yoga in nature is good for the spirit and very relaxing, and Hawaii offers endless beauty. It is no secret that sunshine, fresh air and water is good for you. Why take an indoors yoga class when you can enjoy the outdoors and all the benefits it has to offer? The crashing of waves, the fish, dolphins and whales passing nearby, blue skies and ocean breeze will restore the spirit and make for a very productive session.


Warm Weather

Hawaii is a tropical environment that has warm weather all year round. You will be excited to get out on your board every day for a yoga session. The water is never unbearably cold, so you can practice all year round – no excuses! It’s hard to imagine a nicer place to practice yoga.


Passionate Teachers

Yoga teachers in Hawaii are passionate about improving your wellbeing, and Hawaii is one of the most affordable places to practice yoga in the world. To become a qualified yoga teacher, students must complete a 200 hour comprehensive training program. When you learn from Hawaiian yoga teachers, you are learning from the best! 



SUP Yoga is an adventure. If you want to challenge your fear of the water or just try something new, nearly everyone who tries SUP Yoga finds it an enjoyable experience. It is a great activity for the whole family, young and old. Even if you do fall in, just treat it as a learning experience and climb back onboard. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish in just one session. 



I highly recommend Yoga Floats, located in Honolulu Hawaii. The owner/instructor is name Kelsey Barden and she has two other instructors. They have a great reputation in Hawaii and tourists and locals both love the experience.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or looking to try something new on your vacation, don’t leave Hawaii without trying SUP Yoga at least once. It is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility and maintain good health all whilst having fun on the water and don’t forget if you ever need my services for new homes in Hawaii or you’re looking to sell your home in Hawaii, I can help. Contact me for additional information. 


Mahalo – Kimi


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