So you want to move to Hawaii?

Moving to Hawaii from the mainland.


Leaving Hawaii is never easy. Travelers lucky enough to experience a taste of paradise often find themselves fantasizing about leaving work behind, moving to Hawaii and starting a new life. The perks are clear – you can go from the office to the beach in a matter of minutes, enjoy lush natural scenery and indulge your adventurous side. Whilst this sounds great in theory, it is not always so straightforward in practice.

Perhaps one of the biggest barriers to finding employment in Hawaii is the firm commitment that is required to even get an interview. Many employers will not consider an applicant until they hold a permanent address within Hawaii. It is all too easy to send off an application on the internet, but employers have found that many candidates don’t even bother to turn up for the interview. If you want the best chance at gaining employment, your first step should be securing accommodation in Hawaii.

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Hawaii is not lacking in service jobs, which comes as no surprise given that tourism accounted for $15.6 Billion in visitor spending for 2016. This places those holding qualifications and experience in hospitality in good stead. However, candidates must keep in mind that Hawaii has a very distinct work culture; and realise that life on the islands is vastly different to that of the mainland. Due to its relative isolation, cost of living is significantly higher in Hawaii. Groceries, real estate and gasoline all cost an average of 30% more than they do on the mainland. The average salary in Hawaii is also lower than that on the mainland, so some lifestyle adjustments may be necessary.  It is important to recognise this before making the final decision and signing a job contract. If you are adaptable and feel that you would be able to afford a comfortable life in Hawaii, there is nothing holding you back.

Jobs in the professional sector are not lacking either. Whilst the service and tourism industry will always have the highest availabilities, those who hold advanced qualifications or managerial positions will have little trouble finding work. Job growth is expected to be 1% in 2019, and income is expected to rise in line with that. The financial, information technology, health and marketing fields are all experiencing strong growth. Technology is constantly evolving, and the world is now more connected than ever before, making jobs in IT well worth your consideration. Teachers are also in high demand, the fall of 2016 saw as many as 1600 openings for teaching positions. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur? You will be pleased to know that Hawaii has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and you can connect with others via the Entrepreneurs Organization.


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Getting used to a smaller pay packet and the way business works in Hawaii may take some time, but it will surely be worth it. The unemployment rate is at its lowest in ten years, at just 2.8%. Visitor numbers to Hawaii are not slowing down any time soon, and there will always be a need for chefs, drivers, hotel staff, guides and activity operators to ensure guest needs are satisfied. Jobs outside of these areas are also plentiful, just be sure that you can separate the dream from reality. Hawaii is not a cheap place to live, and there will be some trade-offs, but that’s a small price to pay to live in paradise.

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